5000 Partiers, 100 Party Buses, 14 Participating locations

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Calgary Stampede Club Crawl Event Info


Why go to ONE Calgary Stampede Crawl Venue, when you can go to FOUR of them?

Join over 5,000 Calgary Club Crawlers on the WORLD’S LARGEST Stampede Club Crawl! Student Tours has exclusive VIP access to the best Calgary Stampede Crawl locations – the hottest premiere Stampede Tents & Nightclubs in your city! Know your schedule & choose your venues.

Fri, July 7 / 14th & Sat. July 8 / 15th

Cowboys, Knoxville’s, Commonwealth, Ranchman’s and more!

Student Tours is North America’s largest Club Crawl and Travel Company. We provide the WILDEST rides at the HOTTEST night clubs on the CRAZIEST party buses with the ROWDIEST party hosts! Party buses stopping at only the hottest nightclubs, for one unforgettable experience. You just won’t see this stuff on a normal night!


Save money, buy early!


Your 2017 Calgary Stampede Crawl Pass will include:

  • No Line, No Cover at FOUR of the hottest, premier, most prestigious Nightclubs & Tent Parties!
  • Party bus transportation between venues (clubs, bars)
  • Prizes and Contests
  • Exclusive access to the largest Stampede Tent Parties & Nightclubs!
  • Enthusiastic Event Staff and Party Hosts!

FUN FACTOR & QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE On a Student Tours club crawl we absolutely guarantee that you will have the time of your life! It will truly be a unique experience. So be sure to hop aboard and join thousands of other party people for a truly amazing night and tour that you will never forget!

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Email: info@studenttours.com

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