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Surviving the Stampede Club Crawl

With 5 hot venues to check out in one night, you definitely need to know how to maximize your fun at the Crawl. Some things are a no-brainer, but you don’t want to cut your night short or miss out on a cool experience by not being prepared. Here are 10 simple ways to survive the Stampede Club Crawl and make it an epic night to remember.


10. Have a buddy


A tried-and-true method from childhood that works is the buddy system. Going to the Stampede Club Crawl with your friends is not only fun, but the best way to stay safe. You guys can check up on each other, make sure you’re eating and drinking enough water, and make back onto the party bus together for the next club.


9. Have a plan

stampede club crawl

Map out your night logistically before you get buzzed. How are you arriving to/leaving the Crawl? Know how you’re going to get there and how you’re going to get home. Figure out your public transit routes to and from the party bus locations. Or if you’re taking a cab home, set aside more than enough money to pay the driver, just in case.


8. Eat before you drink

stampede club crawl

Before you go out, have something to eat. Nothing cuts your epic Stampede party night shorter than drinking on an empty stomach. Sure, you’ll feel a buzz sooner. But you don’t want to peak too fast and end up feeling awful before the Crawl is over.


7. Stay hydrated

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This is important for the same reason as no. 8. Everyone wants to let loose at the Crawl, but you need to stay hydrated while you’re out, especially to keep pace with your drinking. Ordering a glass of water between rounds will prevent you from getting dangerously drunk. And you won’t be stuck with a raging hangover the next day.


6. Eat something…again


Keep your body fueled up. Eating at least a snack slows down your body’s rate of alcohol absorption. Remember: the Crawl is packed with 5 awesome venues in just one night.

A little bar food, preferably something with fats and carbs (hello french fries!), will line your stomach and keep you in the game.


5. Leave valuables at home


Stampede Club Crawl venues are always safe, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best time to rock the heirloom necklace Grandma gave you, or your new Rolex. Plus, who wants to spend all night worrying about stuff? When things get crazy, you want to feel comfortable letting go and having a blast.


4. Take your cowboy hat


You don’t really need a cowboy hat to survive the Crawl. But showing up without one just seems wrong. The more fun and unique your hat is, the better.


3. Ride a mechanical bull

stampede club crawl

Make it a night to remember and hop on a mechanical bull–it’s just as fun as it looks, and it’ll be a memorable experience to talk about for years. Compete with your friends to see how long can you stay on. Bonus points if you don’t lose that cowboy hat!


2. Pace yourself


Don’t get too crazy early on in the evening and peak before you’ve reached the 2nd or 3rd Stampede Crawl venue. It’s fun to throw back a drink, or two. But drinking too much too soon poses a threat to you and others. It’s all about having an awesome night–not being escorted away from the Crawl, or being too out of it to fully enjoy the experience.


1. Book your party ahead of time


You’re all decked out with your cowboy hat on. You’ve fueled up with a snack and water bottle. The last thing you want is to get stuck buying tickets in a long line of people. Get Stampede Club Crawl tickets ahead of time and save!